Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cardboard train

I had this awesome box sitting in my kitchen, and HAD to do something with it. It is super sturdy, and was meant to be created into a toy, so I thought "what does Ares love more then ANYthing in the world?....TRAINS! Duh". So a train it became!

We started off by cutting out a smoke stack (HAD to be a steam locomotive!)
Then cut out some crappy circles and squares to make wheels and to cover up the company name on the side lol

 Then a square for the smoke stack, and a puff of steam made from left over cardboard and construction paper :)

And voila, you have a crappy, yet useful steam locomotive to  cart your toddler around in! My box already had two perfect sized holes in the front to put a ribbon through so I could pull him about.

He had fun making it, and enjoyed carting his animals around in it! Plus when Persephone woke up, he pulled her around in it for a bit.

So there you have it. A crappy cardboard box turned into a crappy cardboard train that cost NO money at all, and was/is hours of fun! Great rainy day project to do with your toddler.

Sorry for the crappy pictures this week...didnt have time to edit them! :)