Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fairy Garden

I was inspired to build a fairy garden by a friend on a forum soooooo here  is ours!!

Find a planter not in use, and a cute baby to sit next to you

Fill it up with soil

Grab random items from your place and decorate!

We used some fake leaves for shade, rocks we picked up on random walks for paths and places to sit, candles to add ambiance, two Christmas ornaments for sparkle (all fairies love sparkle you know), three glass tea light holders for fairies to bathe in, some raffia for a cozy spot to sleep, and am old candle that is all used up for a nice smell to attract fairies!!!

Easy peasy! And best of all? FREE!

Some blogs who inspired me:

May add some toadstools soon, and maybe go buy some moss to make it extra cozy




Fairies left a little surprise for boy this morning :)

More rocks to add to the garden since they were so happy with it :) Maybe they will bring more presents tomorrow!

Now I am going to enter our little post in a contest!! At (as previously mentioned)

Woot woot :) Wish me luck!


  1. Love it Tracy!! Willow and I will have to make one when we move ^__^

  2. Very fine job on your fairy landscape. I like that painted rock with the sunshine on it! Very cute results.

  3. Great ideas. Love the Christmas ornaments for sparkle. Fairies will love this for a very long time. n_n