Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy weekend

Ouf! What a buuusy weekend! Good, but busy busy busy!

Started off on Friday since my husband had the day off (woot!). Headed to the states to pick up my Oak Meadows homeschool books!!! Haven't really had the time to read them, but they look awesome. Can't wait to apply what I learn. Anyways, we then went for an absolutely BEAUtiful walk in the sunshine, up to a little forest where we hunted for gnomes. Then up to a school for some playground action. My son had a blast :) Babby slept, so it was a pretty awesome afternoon!

Saturday morning we headed to the movies with a friend since it was cheap old movie morning. Saw Stuart Little for $2.50/adult! Afterwords, more playgrounds, walks, and tea (mmm how I love tea).

Sunday we decided to hit up a local mountain for some snow play.

 Kids had a blast. So did we. It was soooo warm and sunny, you didn't even need a jacket! Unfortunately, we didn't stay as long as I had hoped, but we promised ourselves that next time we would go and stay for a few nights...sooo I hope that will be soon!

Needless to say, I haven't done my toadstools yet.......they have been sitting on my kitchen counter, ready to be painted for almost a week....I really should start...

Blog about them soon, I swear!


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