Monday, March 19, 2012

Why "The Branch Playstand?"

I was just thinking people (you know...when I actually get this going and have "people" lol) might want to know what's up with the name? Why did I create this space and name it that?


I had been oogaling and drooling over playstands for my son ever since he was conceived. One day I sent my husband a bunch of links to some cute handmade playstands, stating that I NEEDED one. Right then and there (lol I am very demanding at times). Expecting his response to be something along the lines of "that's nice" or "looks expensive....we don't have space for that....what on earth is it anyways???!!" I received the best response ever...

"I can make that for you....and make it a lot cooler then those"

I just about exploded!

"YOU CAN?! SERIOUSLY? You aren't just saying that?!"

I totally didn't believe him! But he drew up some plans later that week, and then a month (ish) later, BAM I had my very own custom playstand

It is a lot bigger then regular playstands, so we just have the one half up at the moment. I love it, my kids love it, everyone who comes to play loves it. He did such a wonderful job, I decided to blog about it!!!!

So there you have it. My custom playstand brought me deeper into the world of waldorf and creativity. I love to decorate it, play hide and seek with it, build forts on a rainy day, dress it up for the seasons, just let my imagination run wild. It is like I am a kid again!

As it changes with the seasons, I will post pictures for sure. After all it is the name of the blog!


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