Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine, lattes and colouring!

So this morning, I woke up pretty grumpy. Usually I just have a lightly caffeinated or decaf tea, but definitely felt I needed more of a kick to jumpstart my morning! So off to the espresso machine I go!

 Mmmmmmmm hot espresso! I am sooo thankful I have this thing for days like today!

Next I add my hot raw milk (normally we don't buy raw milk, only once in a while so today was a treat for suuure!!!) and a little bit of Dagoba cocoa *drool*. Totally love this stuff!

Stir it all together, and voila! Homemade mocha :) Definitely helped my morning.

Since it was a gorgeous day, I couldn't stay grumpy! Need to be alive to play outside later. We are going to head to the beach since it is such an amazing day today!

So now that I am all caffeinated,  I'm not so grumpy anymore. Put baby to sleep and got to play with my son for a bit. He is super interested in shapes and letters, so we did some colouring and with my stockmar crayons that I have had since grade 4! Yup, that's right, GRADE 4! Those crayons are freaking awesome. They last forever, and never get stale or gross. Still amazing to color with, and easy to hold.

That was my morning so far. Now I have to get ready for the beach this afternoon. Must cut up some veggies and fruit for snacks :)

Love ~!

P.S I tweeted a few nights ago that I was going to get going on my toadstool doorknobs, but haven't gotten around to it! Maybe tonight will finally be the night.

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