Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mommy Necklace

I received a new Mommy Necklace today from a dear friend! I already have one, and my kids love love looove it. It was super sweet of her though.

If you have never heard of them, check out the link ^. They are nursing bling! To keep your baby distracted while you nurse. Boy do they ever work! My nursling is easily distracted, but when I have one of my mommy necklaces on, she is happy as a clam nursing without unlatching too much.

They are MUST HAVE for nursing mamas. Highly recommended. They look amazing, come in so many different styles and colors, there is an option for every type of mama! They have been beaded nice and tightly, so if your little one pulls, it wont brake causing beads to spill everywhere. The clasp at the back prevents that as well by unclasping if pulled on too hard. I love the different shapes of the beads too, they help keep your nursling distracted. So many different textures!

Love love lovee them :)

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