Monday, March 19, 2012

Morning tea

Sleeeepy mama today!

Started the day off tired and cranky, with cranky babies surrounding me. Decided I need a cup of tea to soothe this small, annoying cold I have been fighting.

MMMM a delicious rooibos tea~!!

Unfortunately, it was knocked over by my 2 year I had to make another. Then Baby peed all over the floor (has a diaper rash, so she was airing out) so I had to clean that up as well. Followed by cranky screaming tired baby who was not excited to lie down and nurse, even though she was EXHAUSTED. Finally she passed out, and has been sleeping for a while (thank goodness).

All in all it was a tiresome morning!

Hopefully this cold passes quickly, and we are all back up to speed soon.

Now time to make more tea :) Perhaps a green tea to help keep me alive for the rest of the day.


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